Friday, 19 July 2019

Visiting Glory Farm Primary School

We visited Glory Farm school during our job-shadowing visit to the U.K. We were interested to see around the school and particularly pleased to see some of the work from ‘Drop of Water’.

 The board in the hall tells the children about each project meeting and more information is added after each visit. 
In one of the classrooms we saw our project mascot, Droppy, who was showing off some more work from the project.

When we visited the oldest children, in year six, were working hard on a play for their end of term performance. It was based on the famous book, Treasure Island. I’m sure there is a water connection there!

We brought some letters from our pupils.

We liked the painted bench in the playground. It was not only an attractive place to sit and rest, but it was also an encouragement to think about nature, including water.

It was also nice to meet some of the teachers and pupils who we had met on the project meetings and to hear how much they were enjoying the project work and how much the school was benefitting from its participation.

See you in October!

Monday, 15 July 2019

Exploring water


Wednesday, 12 June 2019

EXHIBITION of Glory Farm pupils` posters in Przemyśl

In Szkoła Podstawowa nr 11 in Przemyśl we organised exhibition of posters. They were made by pupils of Glory Farm School in Bicester for Water and Sport and Health meeting in Lithuania. There are three topics: British Spa Towns, The famous Boat Race between universities of Oxford and Cambridge and Water essential for life.